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happy birthday!.
ohh well, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!.:] ♥
awtz. bakit ganun?. sorry for the two wrong post. ...
I am so BUSY! ♥
an O R D I N A R Y day!. :]
my first day of blogging. :]


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I am a Brainless Brain wave. :]
3:52 AM -- Saturday, January 31, 2009

oh well, i forgot to post yesterday. actually, I did not forget. it's just that I spend the whole night watching MARS. I am such a COUCH POTATO! :]

well, I am going to tell a story. a embarrassing story. yesterday, when me and nicole went to the toilet. I need to pee. and I thought that I had locked the cubicle. then suddenly ate Reginee. opened it. It's a good thing I wore shorts that day! well, thank you ate! because of you. I have something to post. :] when I got out of the cubicle. she said sorry and i made some slight bows. i think 3X. and i said It's okay. I dont even know why I made a BOW.maybe it's because I got used to "bowing" when we went to japan last month. ohh well. thanks again. It is a very embarrassing moment. :] well, circumstances like that can happen to everyone. :]. haha!

OMG! our pre-finals is next week! thursday,friday,and saturday! can you believe it? SATURDAY! MY GADD!. and I have to study because I need to catch up! I need to study my lessons for 1st-3rd quarter. ohh,well. I may not be able to post on that dates. I am very busy that time! :] well, wish me luck!

study mode!. ♥

-sarah barabagan!. haha!

PS: ILY gen! ILY nicole.


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