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3:01 AM -- Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At last! I had the chance to post again! I had that feeling again, the feeling of excitement to post!. I lost it for the past few days because of the pre-finals and the not-so happy things happening in my life!. DARNN! oh well, I want to tell a story about what had happened last Saturday. So, after the last day of the pre-final exam. we went to SM to celebrate Genevieve's birthday!. HAPPY Birthday Gen! ILY!♥. we met them at "sbarro". (wow!) with Gio,Dustin,and,Macky. So, after meeting them, we went to eat at the food court.:] then we decided to go to G-Box (a karaoke center). on the way there, we met Burton,Pons,and stephen. so, all in all we are 18! wow! we are freakin MANY!. haha!. oh well, THE MORE THE MERRIER!. so, we sang and sang,and sang,and sang. after singing we went to Storyland,Tom's World. well, SO CHILDISH! haha! well, we played something that has to do something with the "piso machine",shooting,the hammer,bowling,hockey and driving!. We had a lot of fun! then, we saw Carlo Guevarra!, and Rojun Cruz! My GAHD!. they are so HOT!

here is a picture of Carlo Guevara!.ILY!




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