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bulok na blog koo. haha!
3:57 AM -- Wednesday, March 18, 2009

waaaaaahhh!! napaka bulok na ng blog ko. ang tgal ko nang hindi nag po-post. ohh well. never mind.

I am just going to give you the time line of what had happened to me these past days.

1. March 14, 2009 Saturday. A "alumni meeting" was held at our school. So, as a graduate of that school. I was invited to come. So I decided to go there. as usual I don't expect that my classmates would come because I know that they would not appreciate it or anything. luckily, 3 of closest friend were there. It was Keeshia, Eryca, and Samantha. ILY GUYS! Vinson and Leo was there too. ohh man! LEO got tall! Very tall! haha. and vinson, still the same, very smart parin. =) So, the election of alumni officers was finished blaah.blaah.blaah.

2. Sataurday parin. haha! March 14 parin. haha! after that meeting. Keeshia, Eryca and me. decided to eat something. haha! so, we went to the plaza and buy something to eat. after that we went to Eryca's house. She showed me BEATRICE and some pictures of her grade school years and even her HS years. then, I saw EJ her brother. haha! I really missed that guy!. so, after going to there house. We decided to go our house. when we got here. The door was locked and I don't have a key. so. we need to get the key inside our house using a long stick. hahaha. Isn't that pathetic?! were like a thief out there. haha! ohh.well. when we got inside, I cooked some Prawn crackers and made iced tea for them. haha! so when we are inside the house keeshia can't stop taking pictures. haha! and the funny thing is. She was taking pictures with a knife. YES! a real knife. haha! she said that it is her favorite. hahaha. keep it up IAH. haha! SO that's it. we did not do anything besides eating and taking pictures of us and the unwanted cars that was passing by us. So childish. but. I really love you guys! MUA*

haha. I forgot 3,4,and5. tomorrow na lang.
antok na co. hayy.

well. PEACE OUT!.


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