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waaah! The Gift Gate Crisis!
4:10 AM -- Monday, March 2, 2009

waaah! The Gift Gate Crisis!

So, This day was ORDINARY until, GEIA! decided to go to Alabang Town Center to Buy some HELLO KITTY stuffs. She wanted us tocome because she doesn’t know where the exact store is. so, Jastine and I decided to come to her at ATC. so, on the way there. we have to ride a ALABANG-METROPOLIS JEEPNEY. but, we are too scared because of the incident. so, we waited for a BUS. but, usually Buses ONLY stop at SM and PILAR. LUCKILY, we found a bus bound for Town Center but, the problem is, It was Full!. so, Despite of the hesitations riding that STUPID bus!. We finally decided to RIDE it. When we got on the BUS!. We need to STAND! F#CK!. We stood from PERPETUAL TIMES to MOONWALK!!!. MY GOODNESS! So, when we got to ATC. we immediately went to Gift GATe!. and on the way going there, WE FEEL THAT WE DO NOT BELONG THERE!! EVERYBODY was staring and looking at us like they’ve seen a ghost or something. and, we even noticed that we’re the only ones who are wearing STUPID SCHOOL UNIFORMS!. So, we IGNORED them!. ;] but, The worst part is. when we Got there. that STUPID F#CKING GIFT GATE STORE was CLOSED!!! OH MY GOD! Can you believe it??!! SO, after going through those STUPID CRISIS!. we decided to go to SM because we are FREAKIN HUNGRY! so, we ateat McDonalds.

My Gosh Finally, after all that Crisis. We enjoyed the Burger and the Fries at McDo. haha! Thank you Geia for the TREAT ILY.

So,I am so tired. SOOOO TIRED I need a TWO DAY SLEEP haha!. ohh.well.

Bye Guys!

-sarah P


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