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The Freshmen Quest is Finally Overrr.:]
1:19 AM -- Wednesday, April 1, 2009

oh DARN! My freshmen days is finally over!. and it's sad to know that I will not spend the next school year with them, because we have to move to laguna so, I have to change my school too. :(
I will miss COPPER soo much!

hay nako. parang kelan lang.. parang 4 weeks lng un isang buong year na un! nung 1st week, nagkakakilanlan pa, nagkakahiyaan pa, nung second week, yan na magkakakilala na, tapos nung 3rd week, ayan na ung speech choir, sabayang pagbigkas,ung intrams,ung retreat,tapos ung Christmas party. nung 4th week, farewell na. waaahh! parang ang bilis ng panahon! grabe! kakamiss talaga to!

COPPER, kung mababasa niyo ito gusto kong malaman nio kung gaano ko kayo kamahal! Salamat sa lahat ng nagawa at naitulong niyo para sa amin! mahal na mahal ko kayoo! Sana wag niyo aco kalimutan ha? at sa aking teacher na laging andiyan para sa atin! ang teacher na gagawin ang lahat matulungan lang tayo. ang teacher gagawin ang lahat ng paraan para lang masolve problems natin. Maraming Salamat Ma'am Noerine! Mahal ko po kayo! COPPER I REALLY LOVE YOU!

Remember We are The Best!

Here is a picture of us! SPEECH CHOIR YAN!.:]


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